Home Tech Downward compatibility with older PS systems possible soon? Patents are a topic of discussion

Downward compatibility with older PS systems possible soon? Patents are a topic of discussion

Downward compatibility with older PS systems possible soon?  Patents are a topic of discussion

Could Sony Interactive Entertainment find a way to extend backwards compatibility with PlayStation 5 to include older PlayStation systems? At least one patent filed by Mark Cerny currently suggests this.

In the past few years, there have been frequent rumors that Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking for ways to implement backward compatibility with older PlayStation platforms. According to recent reports, this could be the right time on PlayStation 5.

A patent has been discovered filed by Mark Cerny, the creative mind behind the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 hardware. The patent in question describes a new technology for back-down compatibility, with which it will be possible to “make games from a much weaker system run on the existing system”. Of course, most of them will think of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 classics that can be played on PlayStation 5. You can find the patent in question and its full description here.

Is the official announcement of a new subscription service approaching?

A patent fit rumors about a new subscription service from Sony Interactive Entertainment, which is currently being developed under the name Project Spartacus. According to unconfirmed reports, the fee-based service will consist of a total of three tiers and will give subscribers access to a variety of different content depending on the tier selected – including backwards compatibility with the original PlayStation.

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It was also said that Sony Interactive Entertainment with Project Spartacus could combine the two offerings PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into one service. This also fits with the current report that the company has instructed British retailers to remove PlayStation Now prepaid cards from shelves by the end of next week. While Sony Interactive Entertainment talks about a simple move “one wants to focus on PlayStation gift cards with cash value”, at the same time Sony Interactive Entertainment is also expected to prepare to launch a new, unified subscription service with this step.

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However, this has not been officially confirmed. What do you think? Interested in a subscription service with old classics? Or should administrators instead focus on existing content? Let us know in the comments.

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