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Error in Firefox web browser: Pages not loading, browser crashes

Error in Firefox web browser: Pages not loading, browser crashes

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser has been crashing since Thursday morning. Many users report browser crashes and websites not loading on social media. These issues occur in both the recently released version 96 and older versions of the web browser and in the editorial department of Online Hayes.

Posts Reddit, Twitter and um Mozilla’s Error Monitoring Forum The problems are said to be widespread internationally as well. Crash website allestören.de does not run Firefox directly – However, if you frequently look at the input for the Firefox homepage Web.de, you will find hundreds of crash reports from 8am.

Various solutions that can help with problems can be found online. For example, in Reddit, about HTTP3 support in “network.http.http3.enabled”: a user reports that the Firefox error could have been avoided by setting it to “false” in the config menu (in the address bar). .

Other users report success in turning off telemetry data. In the heise online test, both paths led to success after the restart.

Version 96 of Firefox was released on January 11 and is currently running smoothly. In the support forum, users speculate that Mozilla may have released an incorrect update overnight. There are no reports from Mozilla yet about the massive failures of Firefox. It is also unclear whether all users or only specific hardware and OS configurations are affected.

Update 11:30 am: இம் Error Monitor from Mozilla Developer Gian-Carlo Pascutto explains that “Google’s Cloud Load Balancer (or similar service from CloudFlare) is questionable.” Update to HTTP / 3 may trigger errors in Firefox’s HTTP / 3 implementation. This explains why the error was not triggered by the update for Firefox.

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Mozilla also probably uses the aforementioned load balancing services, which means that error can occur regardless of open tabs; For example when Firefox installations interact with Mozilla’s server in the background. For example, this happens during update checks or when telemetry data is sent. According to Pascutto, Mozilla now wants to turn off HTTP / 3 until the actual error is detected and fixed.

In addition, there are now reports that the serious problem will no longer occur. It is possible for infected load balancers to temporarily refuse to work around the error with HTTP / 3 connections with the Mozilla browser.


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