Super-G in Wengen: the live indicator of the race

Super-G in Wengen: the live indicator of the race

Odermatt races to next home win – Fuse faces shock moment

The Lauberhorn weekend starts off perfectly with a Swiss point of view. Marco Odermatt wins the Super-G at Wengen and stuns the competition. Pete Fuse had a moment of shock on the road, fortunately he was unharmed.

Marco Odermatt wins the Super-G race in Wengen and celebrates the upcoming victory at home.

Marco Odermatt wins the Super-G race in Wengen and celebrates the upcoming victory at home.


At last week’s giant slalom in Adelboden, all eyes were on Marco Odermatt. The 24-year-old from Nidwalden withstood the pressure and released the Swiss public after a 14-year drought at Chuenisbärgli. Five days later, Super-G kicks off in Wengen. The prerequisites are different now. The Swiss Athlete of the Year reached the podium twice, but others were the favorites.

Above all, Alexander Amaudt Kilde. The Norwegian has been on top of the podium in three of the four seasons races so far in Super-G. In the end, Keldi was amazed: “Odermatt is a huge guy. It’s unbelievable what he does ».

In perfect conditions, Marco Odermatt conjures up a dream of running in the snow, shining with the sun at the finish line, and taking his next home win – which is unbelievable. The man from Nidwalden made his racing debut in Wengen. “I surprised myself a little bit. I had already made my decision, I knew it was going to be difficult. I was very excited because I didn’t feel any pressure at all. I was really looking forward to the race,” Udermatt said in a TV interview.

Last Super-G 28 years ago

Nobody knows exactly what to expect from this race. Because the conditions in Lake Louise and Bormio did not allow the race, Wen Gen came to kiss the hand. This discipline was held at the Lauberhorn for the last time 28 years ago. The fast-paced Super G met Udermatt. «The goals came very quickly. This was something different.”

The closest thing to a high-ranking Swiss officer was the Norwegian Kilde. He lost 23 percent in the fastest time. Austrian Matthias Maier (+0.58) completed the podium. With Stefan Rogenten (11), Nils Hintermann (14) and Luke Millard (15) more Swiss World Cup points can be collected.

shock fuse moment

Fuse experienced a shocking moment on the slopes. The 34-year-old Emmentaler starts swinging early with “Hanegg Schuss” and almost flies. Fuse remains in the race and fortunately was unhurt. «I thought I was already out of the race. Had it not been for this mistake, more could have been achieved.” In the end, Fuse finished 24th.


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