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Today the Google I / O conference 2021 begins and we have already told you how you can follow the event live in the evening. In addition to Android 12, as we saw a preview yesterday, many are curious to see what will happen to Wear OS.

After all, the room says Google is planning its Pixel watch and that Samsung should also switch to Wear OS this year. Well, this I / O could be of interest to Wear OS users, and Google has indicated now.


Google Pixel Watch Hell Leak 4

Is this a Google Pixel watch?

Wear: Google is planning a brand new release

No mention of the keyword description, but elsewhere Google is talking about “brand new Wear”. Much like a redesign (as it does Android 12?) And a major update.

One more thing: Google is now using “Wear” and no longer “Wear OS”, so a small name change appears to be pending. Operating system only refers to “operating system” and will still be applicable, but Google will delete it.

Anyway, I’m very excited to know what Google Wear is for You are It’s planned, but after all these years, there’s really a big step forward. The only question remains: what about Fitbit OS? Will Google continue developing it now?

Video: Das Google Pixel 6 (Pro)


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