Home Top News PVP: Butt Spencer friend Terence Hill emerges as a fan – big compliments to Holland

PVP: Butt Spencer friend Terence Hill emerges as a fan – big compliments to Holland

PVP: Butt Spencer friend Terence Hill emerges as a fan – big compliments to Holland

Terence Hill Pvt star Erling Hollande Cors rave.

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Butt Spencer friend Terence Hill presented himself as a PVP fan. Thanks to movie legend Borussia Dortmund and Earling Holland.

Dortmund – Borussia Dortmund should feel like it is in the picture right now. A few weeks ago, the PVP were threatened with a completely chaotic season, with the last few days having a happy ending, including a title in the DFP Cup and a successful qualification for the Champions League.

A movie legend has now sent out very special congratulations – especially to striker Earling Holland, whose life has so far been like a Hollywood movie.

Thanks to PVP fan Terence Hill Holland and Dortmund

Terence Hill PVP – and showed his love for Holland in a video message on Facebook. “Hello, Holland! Hello, Dortmund team! Thank you so much for this beautiful gift you gave me. I’m very proud of that, ”said Hill. The 82-year-old sits on the motorcycle he started and wears a PVP dress from Holland. The jersey was probably signed by Dortmund players.

“You’re really great. Thank you so much for the goals you’ve already scored.” Then the Italian also switched to German for a moment: “I saw two fantastic goals against Leipzig. Congratulations to all of you. Pi.” Holland scored a brace in the cup final 4-1 against Leipzig.

PVP: Butt Spencer’s friend Terence Hill grew up in Germany

Terrence Hill – Mario Girotto – Long ago PVP Unknown to many: Hill grew up in Saxony and spoke only German until he was six years old. His mother came from Dresden, where there has also been the Terence Hill Ice Cream Parlor since 2019. His favorite club is Borussia Dortmund. The actor became world famous with friend Butt Spencer. Films like “Four for a Ave Maria”, “The Devil’s Right and Left Hand”, “Four Fists Against Rio” or “Banana Joe” are still very popular today.

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The video message is not Hill’s first appearance in black and yellow. Three years ago, the actor presented himself with a PVP scarf at a movie premiere. Holland probably did this to him recently. Not surprisingly: Norway have scored 39 goals in 40 games this season. It is questionable how long Hill will be able to appreciate his love for PVP. Hollande has repeatedly been linked to speculation about a change – with FC Bayern. (CK)


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