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Foxy criticizes players who do not pay the full price

Foxy criticizes players who do not pay the full price

Days Gone: Maker criticizes players for not paying in full

Kürzlich war „Days Gone“ – game director John Garvin M. Podcast By “God of War” creator David Jaffe as guest and chatted with him regarding the open-world zombie game. More specifically, Jaffe wanted to know from his colleague if he noticed a “noticeable increase in interest” in “Days Gone” since the title was part of the PlayStation Plus Collection. In his answer, Garvin found clear words and particularly criticized all those players who did not support the games for the release.

Days went by: players should not complain about missing sequels

Then Garvin stated that he had an opinion on a subject that might interest and upset some fans of the show: “If you like a game, buy it for the bloody price! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen players say, ‘Yeah, I got this for sale, I got it through PlayStation Plus or whatever. “

Jaffe then answered how players should know if they really like the game if they haven’t played it yet. Garvin then outlined his previous observations and said that players should not complain about “if the game does not get a sequel if it is not supported in the beginning”. As the former “Days Gone” director adds, be here to express his opinion and not speak as a developer because he no longer works for Sony.

Garvin also spoke about personal experiences while developing “Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror” for the PlayStation Portable. At the time, piracy was a big problem for the developers at Bend Studio, which Sony didn’t notice at first: “And we showed them (…) that the torrent site had downloaded 200,000 copies of“ Dark Mirror. ”If I remember correctly, it was lost. The numbers are wrong, but anyway, I was pissed off about it at the time, and I thought, “This is my money out of my pocket.”

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Thus, the player’s increased interest in “Days Gone” is not so important in his opinion. According to Garvin, the most critical factor is whether interested buyers actually support a game directly upon release and therefore buy it at “full price”. Only when people do that will they directly support the developers of the game in question.

What do you think of John Garvin’s statements?

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