Fitness influencer Sophia Thiel mourns the loss of a close friend

Sophia Thiel posted an influential post on Instagram. And farewell to her friend and friend Verena Sam, who passed away.

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Fitness and mental health influencer Sophia Thiel says goodbye to her deceased friend Verena Sam publicly and widely. The woman who worked as a fitness trainer died of cancer.

“Dear Verena, I still don’t understand that you had to leave us so early,” the 27-year-old wrote in the post, which includes joint shots of two women and a photo of the influencer with tears in her eyes from the shows. “We had great and exciting moments together that I will never forget.”

“I filled every room”

The women met in Berlin in 2016 and Thiel immediately noticed that you were “simply special. Always straight up, so warm, cool, always positive with a smile on your face – Verena, you simply filled every room with your cuteness.”

Jointly with husband Achim Sam, Verena Sam looked after Sophia Thiel in Los Angeles in 2019 during “the toughest times I’ve personally been through” and “give me courage again – the people of my heart,” continues Thiel, adding: “Verena, you’re a fighter” I was sure Than you will kick the ass of that damn crab and we will travel together again to Los Angeles. Losing that battle literally broke my heart. this is not fair. I do not understand. I miss you for words. I miss you.”

Thiel, who has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, explains that she will never forget her friend and the time we spent together and will always hold her in her heart. Achim Sam recently announced on his personal Instagram account that his wife Verena passed away on March 27. She was 39 years old.

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