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Fallout 76 gets private dedicated servers

Fallout 76 gets private dedicated servers

Bethesda has announced a major new feature for Fallout 76, which will be released in September 2021.


In the September update special “Fallout 76” dedicated servers were introduced. Bethesda announced “Fallout Worlds” and everything is already available on the PC test server. “Our mod community has been a big and important part of our games for over 20 years, and with Fallout 76 our long-term goal has always been to provide you with your own servers that you can customize for you and your friends. Much later as you try to tackle this issue, we’re excited to unveil an exciting new system At the beginning of creating new gaming experiences for you: Fallout Worlds, the developers said.

What are Fallout Worlds?

  • With Fallout Worlds, you unleash your imagination under a very personal Appalachian sky. Thanks to a wide range of customizable settings, players can, for example, set up CAMPs in previously restricted areas or even eliminate the need for a power source to create a true creator’s paradise. Or do you have a special weakness for the survival mechanics of Fallout 76? Then you can increase the challenge of the untamed wilderness of Appalachia by changing the PvP rules and difficulty settings. And these are just a few examples of all that is possible in Fallout Worlds.
  • Combine unlimited combat AP with unlimited ammo to become a powerful fighter in the wasteland, create groups of creatures to go on a real big hunt game, control weather effects like fog, nuclear radiation or even quantum storms, and adjust ridiculous jump heights (but don’t forget ) to toggle fall damage to “off”), activate ragdoll physics, change the height limit of your settlements… With all this and more, you can play and experiment as you like.
  • When the game launches after the September update, you’ll find two all-new modes as part of Fallout Worlds: Public Worlds and Custom Worlds.
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public worlds

  • Public Worlds is an alternative series of Fallout Worlds experiences available to all players. Handcrafted by the Bethesda Game Studios team using ideas from the Fallout 76 community, each public world uses a different mix of Fallout Worlds settings to give you a unique gaming experience.
  • This allows everyone in Fallout 76 to experience what is possible in Fallout Worlds for themselves and to inspire individual creations in user defined worlds.

Custom worlds

  • Custom Worlds is a true evolution of the existing private servers in Fallout 76 – active Fallout 1st members get full access to Fallout Worlds settings and features and can thus create their own Appalachia.
  • Players can not only experience their heart’s content here, like crazy scientists – it’s also a lot of fun to share custom worlds with others! Invite your friends and teammates into your own world where they can enjoy themselves even without a Fallout 1st membership.

This is just the beginning

  • We want to give Fallout Worlds more customization and gameplay options and we’ll heed feedback from the Fallout 76 community. Our goal is to give players the ability to turn Fallout 76 into just what the name suggests – their own world.
  • Get your first taste of Fallout Worlds when this feature is rolled out to public test servers today. Players interested in additional information on this topic will receive more details about Fallout Worlds at a later date. Whether it’s your very own RPG server, an impressive private fortress, insane platform levels or whatever it takes your fancy, we can’t wait to see what the Fallout 76 community gets to do in Fallout Worlds.
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