Evernote highlights a new 'To-Do' feature

Evernote will roll out the new category in the coming weeks for all platforms and definitions. (Photo: Evernote)

In addition to to-do lists, the Evernote notes app now has its own to-do section with additional functionality. The launcher initially makes the development version available to all users.

The new functionality of Evernote’s productivity app called “Tasks” should make it easier for users to keep track of upcoming tasks. It also collects notes with reminder actions that work without launching the app. Tags, private views, as well as sorting options complete their range of functionality. It will be available as an early access version on all platforms in the coming weeks. Evernote invites users to suggest improvements and try out the new feature as they see fit. According to the official announcement later in the year, only certain jobs can be reserved for fixed tariffs.

Combine to-do lists and notes

With To-Do, Evernote combines notes and to-do lists in one place. Tasks can now be combined into notes with appointments, reminders, and tags. This makes it possible to associate assignments with the content you want to write Evernote on its own blog. Both tasks and notes get more context for the tasks. For example, you can add the task “Read the PDF before the meeting” to a meeting preparatory note, which contains the due date and related alert information.

New offer with direct access

In a new view in the side navigation menu, all tasks can be seen in a jiffy. It is up to the user to add, edit, or terminate them: they can do so in the new notes or view. Linked notes can be viewed directly from the to-do list without having to leave the mask. Evernote assures that this is faster than switching between two apps.

This is what the mission function looks like in the Apple-focused group of devices (iPhone, Macbook). (Photo: Evernote)

Various reminder options

In addition to due dates, Tasks also gives you the option to set up to five alerts. This is useful when you have to dedicate yourself to the same project multiple times. In addition, users can define tasks in order to distribute priorities. If necessary, the sort function displays all pending tasks in order of priority, title or due date. Evernote has one Putting a help document online, which is supposed to support the launch of the new Task Manager.

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