Battlefield 2042 is getting closer to launching: Early Access will be activated on November 12. EA Play Pro (PC) members and all those who pre-order the more expensive Gold and Ultimate Edition will have early access to the new shooter from DICE. In order to be able to enter the battlefields on time to start the early game stage, you can use the preload. Pre-downloads have been available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One since November 6. The download size is 51.42 GB on Xbox Series X/S and 27.6 GB on Xbox One.

Battlefield 2042 runs on PC (Buy now €54.99 /53.99 € ) According to DICE, pre-loading will begin on November 10 at 11am. On PS5 and PS4, pre-downloads can begin on November 10 at midnight. It remains to be seen how massive Battlefield 2042 will be on the platforms. The memory size will probably be at a similar level to the Xbox version. It looks like early Xbox Series X/S players are already playing like this VGC Portal Reports. employment For example, user “aaronfrogy” posted the first game scenes showing fights against bots – the servers are not currently powered by other players. It is not known how the user was able to start Battlefield 2042 on Xbox so early.

EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will also be able to play Battlefield 2042 on November 12. Then a ten-hour trial is available, where all the content of the new shooter can be tested in advance. The regular launch of the Standard Edition will be on November 19 – one week after early access.

Battlefield 2042: Trailer for the PC version with DLSS, Raytracing, Nvidia Reflex, and more

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