Eva Benitato: This is how she saves herself from the sometimes difficult daily life without the baby's father, Kris

When Eva Benitato got pregnant, she certainly didn’t expect that she would have to deal with everyday life after months without the baby’s father.

Eva Benitato, 29, answered a follower's question in great detail and encouraged other mothers.

Eva Benitato, 29, answered a follower’s question in great detail and encouraged other mothers. © montage: screenshot / Instagram / evanthiabenetatou

Even though the new mom gets her hands on her son George Angelos, the sheikh’s dog and a newly moved apartment, she sometimes finds time to call her followers.

In an Instagram Q&A session, someone wanted to know how you handled everyday life without Chris.

“It’s not always easy,” the 29-year-old began. “But I always try to think positively. Take a deep breath, take a couple of minutes for yourself, think for a moment, gather the positive energy and move on.”

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Even if Eva has been receiving regular support from her mother, she has recently noticed that she is getting better and better on her own. Sometimes the moments she spends with her baby and her dog are very useful for her.

“I got to a point where I realized I don’t always need help,” says Eva. “I also have to learn how to handle it on my own.”

Eva Benitato, 29, has quietly started her life as a single mother.

Eva Benitato, 29, has quietly started her life as a single mother. © Screenshot / Instagram / evanthiabenetatou

However, there were many moments in which she was afraid to go out. Especially when she had to get some fresh air with her dog and newborn son at the same time. She boldly spoke into the camera: “But I have to face these tasks.”

“We women can do this. We have more power than we think,” said Eva, encouraging other pregnant women who might be in the same position as Eva.

After some initial difficulties, she too found her rhythm and it looked as if she would get along well without Kris.

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Many of her followers are still asking how and if Kris helped her, but the 29-year-old left that question unanswered.

How the two will shape their family model in the future is at least up to them.

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