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Eurowings: Attention, changes for passengers! New costs for handbags

Eurowings: a change for travelers! You will soon have to pay these costs if you are traveling with hand luggage

Eurowings: New hand baggage law brings additional costs to passengers.  (icon image)

Eurowings: New hand baggage law brings additional costs to passengers. (icon image)

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If you want to save money when traveling by plane, avoid waiting time in the baggage department or don’t need a lot of baggage, you can just book your flight with hand luggage.

Now there is a change in Euro Wings! Soon there will be additional costs for travelers with hand luggage only.

Eurowings: a new organization for handbags with new costs

With the so-called basic tariff of Euro Wings Passengers are allowed to take a larger piece of hand baggage such as a trolley on the plane. As of August 31, this will no longer be allowed automatically, such as Euro Wings Notify.


This is Eurowings:

  • Low-cost airline of the Lufthansa Group
  • More than 210 travel destinations in more than 60 countries
  • A fleet of 139 aircraft
  • About 9000 employees


A larger piece of hand luggage weighing up to eight kilograms and dimensions 55 x 40 x 23 cm will cost at least ten euros at the current three cheapest tariffs. However, the new regulation also states that passengers may take a small piece of hand luggage, such as a laptop bag or medium-sized handbag, with them on the plane.

The previously allowed dimensions of 40 x 30 x 10 cm will be expanded to 40 x 30 x 25 cm. In addition, customers with a basic tariff are expected to be able to book a piece of baggage weighing up to twelve kilograms at the end of the year. The costs for it should start from ten euros. With the new hand baggage list, Eurowings follows the low-cost airlines Ryanair and Easyjet, where a larger piece of hand baggage also costs extra.

+++ Lufthansa: this tradition is familiar to every traveler – now it is being canceled +++

Eurowings want to differentiate tariffs more clearly from each other

“In the future, Eurowings guests will only have to pay for service components that they explicitly want,” the airline explains, explaining the reason for the change. The basic tariff should eventually be more clear to distinguish from smart tariffs and BIZclass. If you book a second piece of handbag, you should also take advantage of the priority offer. This makes him one of the first passengers to board a plane. This should ensure quick and easy luggage storage.


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Travelers should also benefit from “less traffic jams in hand baggage compartments” and, as a result, from faster boarding and disembarkation. (nk)

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