Eintracht beat Frankfurt Freiburg’s amazing team. Thanks for the luck of a knife between your teeth, a great technician and talented. Five point analysis.

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Eintracht Frankfurt celebrates second consecutive victory with SC Freiburg 2: 0 (2: 0) Won. Jasper Lindstrோம்m scored 1-0 for Frankfurt in the 34th minute before a break (43rd) goal by Philip Gostic converted a free kick.

1. Passion is perfect

Eintracht Frankfurt In recent years – thanks to Kevin-Prince Padeng and the Buffalo – has earned a reputation for being an uncomfortable team to play with. This season, however, the Hessians sometimes seemed gallantly absent. Sunday is not like that. There were players from the start, flying in duels and working on the Freiburg team every minute. Completely outraged SCF striker Lucas Holler was outraged how he was fouled by Lindstrom in the first half.

Without this bite, Eintracht Frankfurt would only be half team. The Hessians, led by Christian Jackie, fight with the knife between his teeth – returning to the old virtues: fighting, dedication, zeal. Everyone in Freiburg ran for the other and no one was ashamed to walk a few extra meters paired with an amazing tactical discipline. “The passion that the players had for guarding the penalty area was that in between someone was always throwing themselves in, and that was a huge win today,” Indracht coach Oliver Glasner rightly praised.

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2. Step forward

However, Hessen’s biggest problem this season is sportsmanship. The game is highly designed to suit Philip Gostic, the re-learning process under Glassner demands more of a flat game over the top, which can turn out to be harder than expected. But in this sense the game against SC Freiburg provided the impetus. “We found the spot again and again, got out of the tight situation and created goal opportunities,” Glasner said. “We showed how safe we ​​can play on the ball. It’s a big step.”

He was not mistaken in that, but the truth was this: with all the playful improvements, the last action in Freiburg was often very slow. In the second half, Eintracht had several counter-chances to keep the lid on, but missed the required consistency in the final game. It could get even better.

3. The happiness of the talented

However: for free. Because the combination of emotional and decent defense and improvement in attack was enough to bring about undeserved success. After all, Eintracht had the luck it needed at the decisive stages. Lindstrom 1-0, the ball bounced off Freiburg’s foot and into Dan’s barrel, then he executed it cool. When Gostic made it 2-0, the Serbian free kick went past everyone and into the far corner. What the players left out in the counterattack, the brothers created the opportunity this Sunday.

And in self-defense. The ball collided once on the intract crossbar and was scratched twice outside the line. But: to be happy that you can hit the ball outside the line, you have to do the corresponding meters in advance. “It’s the luck of the talented,” Glasner said after the game.

4. Lindstrom ignites

Jasper Lindstrom is one of Freiburg’s most important players. Dan came to Eintracht in the summer, and he’s not so easy to get used to – like most newbies. However, Lindstrom is getting better and better, he took the decisive penalty in Antwerp, he was ready for victory in Prius, and in Freiburg he now, efficiently with the outside of the instep, scored his first league goal. With the exception of Deutsche Kamata, Glasner should have said of Lindstrom: “We were very good at the ball and moved well between the lines.”

In fact, Lindstrom was more than ever, and always kept his feet in the game when things got dangerous. “He’s coming from a different league, but the Bundesliga are tough. We’ll try to help newcomers. Jesper is a great footballer and a great technician, you can see that on target,” intruder keeper Kevin Trop said after the game. . Except for the jockey, the next new addition is gaining momentum.

5. Until the end of the year

Now? For the first time this season, Eintracht Frankfurt won two Bundesliga games in a row, playing and fighting, and the performance curve goes upwards, even if all of the glitter is not gold. Still: Royal Antwerp arrives on Thursday, with a win that could make it clear that Eintracht will take first place in the Europa League squad.

Then Union Berlin is against the next surprise team of the season, but the Hessians know the way around such a team. If Eintracht now has two wins in the last week of November, it will be as good as forgetting the bumpy start of the season.

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