But nothing to do with Aniston?
David Swimmer denies love rumors

“Friends” fans around the world have now finally gotten closer to Jennifer Aniston and David Swimmer, and these rumors have already been dispelled. Only the Ross actor can now know that he and his colleague are not lovers.

It would have been so much better to be true. When the rumor that David Swimmer and Jennifer Aniston were getting close suddenly boiled over, “friends” fans fell in love with the reaction. Did Rose and Rachel finally really see each other? Unfortunately very unusual, but Schwimmer’s clear denial has again dampened the excitement. The star’s speaker So the British have declared “The Sun”“There is no truth” behind the rumor.


Only a couple in the set: Aniston and Swimmer

(Photo: Imego Images / Everett Collection)

At the end of May this year, the 54-year-old swimmer surprised everyone at a big “friends” meeting by admitting that he fell in love with his fellow actress during the filming of the cult sitcom. According to Aniston, there was a feeling of reciprocity. But one of the two was always in a relationship when the other was alone – so nothing came of the possible dream couple.

Top Stories from a few days ago: British page “close” The long-standing friendship is said to have been discovered from a local who is now said to have turned into love. As soon as the special was over the two started texting each other. After all, the swimmer is said to have flown from New York City to Los Angeles to see Aniston – including a home-cooked dinner and a romantic walk. However, now it seems clear: when it comes to the topic of “Rose and Rachel”, the anonymous source ran a little too far in the imagination.

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