It is said that the right-wing politician dismembered the man

A horrific crime: A Swedish local politician allegedly murdered and dismembered a man and dumped body parts into sewers.

Prosecutor Marina Chirakova said there was serious evidence, SVT reported on Saturday. The suspect from Nykoping is over 60 years old.

incentive? No further information has been received from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The victim, who was also in his 60s, was missing for a long time.

Stockholm: Body parts found in the canal

Parts of the bodies were found in a canal in Stockholm and elsewhere in the capital in mid-September.

The alleged perpetrator is a member of the right-wing populist Swedish Democratic Party, who held an office in local politics in the city of Nyköping, one hundred kilometers south of Stockholm.

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The party was deeply shocked by these allegations. A party spokesperson said you take the outrageous allegations seriously and have suspended the man for the time being. It seems that the arrested person has not yet commented on anything. (Mary / Dibba)

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