Home science Eating fatty fish can reduce the number and intensity of migraines

Eating fatty fish can reduce the number and intensity of migraines

Eating fatty fish can reduce the number and intensity of migraines

In a new study, researchers have successfully shown that a diet rich in fatty fish helps soothe chronic migraines.

Many people suffer from chronic migraines around the world. Unfortunately, there is currently no treatment for this condition. Research has already made it possible to prove that exercise or even electrical stimulation makes it possible to reduce seizures. Through a new study Posted in BMJ 1e In July, researchers just showed that a diet rich in fish fats and low in vegetable oils reduces the number and intensity of migraines.

Oily fish to reduce the risk of migraines

To reach this conclusion, the study was based on the results of several previous studies. In particular, research concluded that a diet low in linoleic acid, which is mainly found in vegetable oils, and rich in omega-3, which is strongly present in oily fish, made it possible Reducing tissue inflammation and treatment pathways for migraine pain in the trigeminal nerve. In this new study, researchers decided to examine 182 adults with frequent migraines. For 16 weeks, participants followed a diet by receiving meal combinations including fish, vegetables, chickpeas, salads, and breakfast items.

One group received meals with high levels of fatty fish or fatty fish oils and low linoleic acid content. The second ate meals containing higher levels of oily fish and linoleic acid. The last meal was high in linoleic acid and lower levels of oily fish. Over the course of the study, participants reported the number, duration, and severity of their migraine headaches, as well as how their headaches affected their ability to function on a daily basis and how often they needed to take pain relievers.

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Thus, the researchers found that a diet lower in vegetable oil and richer in fatty fish made it possible to reduce between 30 and 40% of the number of headache hours per day, the hours of severe headaches per day, and the total headache days per month compared to the control group.


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