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The TSG Hoffenheim team includes 33 professionals. Too much for just two championships this season, said Sebastian Hoeneß, at the start of training at Zuzenhausen.

Sebastian Huene & # 223;  Depends on the location of Andrej Kramaric.

Sebastian Hoeness expects Andre Kramaric to stay.
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“It’s more about having a weak team structure,” the coach said on Sunday afternoon. Hoeneß did not want to give a specific figure for team size, but said: “It will be about having a team where every player has realistic chances to play.” First and foremost, professional football manager Alexander Rosen and head scout Bastian Huber must be busy finding buyers for Joshua Breigner (contract until 2022), Kassem Adams (2023), and possibly Isaac Belvodel (2022). It must also be tough for Justin Hogma (2022) returning on loan.

Central defense problem?

Hoeneß doesn’t necessarily see an oversupply from a central defense standpoint, as long-term injuries Benjamin Hubner and Ermin Bekicic in particular still need time. “We have to see how the situation develops centrally at the back,” said the coach, who is a huge fan of Chris Richards. “Chris was there for six months, he did his job right. But: he is preparing for Bayern Munich and he will do it there,” Hoeness answered diplomatically correctly to the question about the winter loan. It’s no secret that Hoffenheim would like to bring the 21-year-old back to Kraishgau. Regardless, there shouldn’t be much going on on the access side, Hoeneß says: “It’s possible that someone else is on the offensive. It won’t be more than that.”

“I suppose they’ll all come back.”

The 39-year-old still believes EM stars Andrej Kramaric, Christoph Baumgartner, Florian Grelic, Pavel Kaderbek and Robert Skov will also be part of the TSG squad for the 2021/22 season. “I suppose they will all come back. I am in contact with the boys and have not noticed any other signs,” said the coach, who is entering his second year in the Bundesliga and of course knows that the providers must be handed over. For suitable performances: “TSG’s past has shown that it has always been about sales.”

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