Developers deliver their games on Valve's handheld device

Slowly but surely, Steam Deck is nearing its launch. Valve’s laptop has long been sold out by next year and is eagerly awaited thanks to its dreamy combinations of PC and mobility. Some journalists and content creators have already been able to test the good piece and prove how well Steam Deck really does.

Now, however, it was the turn of several development studios, all of which offered their own games on Valve’s pocket PCs. From the Witcher to Sable to Devil May Cry 5, the videos should not only be interesting to those who have already pre-ordered, but especially to those who are still hesitating for financial reasons or other concerns.

Multifunctional game: Steam Deck as is

The action took place on Twitter, where the official Steam Deck account showed several videos of different games live in action on the long-awaited mobile device. Slashing the demon was a part of it Devil May Cry 5recently released Psychology Pioneers 2independent dream sable As well as skateboard simulator XL . skater.

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All the above games were based on Steam Deck-Twitter Account which will continue to provide you with updates to your Valve laptop in the future. However, some developers have also provided their games on their own channels. For example, Geralt .’s all-encompassing RPG adventure Witcher 3, monastery sci-fi thriller System Shock 2Space sports shooter QFIELD As well as the sequel Mist torn.

What do you think of the pictures shown? Do you have games you’d like to see earlier on the portable screen in Steam Deck? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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