Leon Damer (links, hier gegen Linton Maina) durfte gegen 96 stürmen - und soll auch gegen den SC Verl für mehr Offensivgefahr bei Havelse sorgen.

1000 good spectators against Braunschweig and 1500 against Kaiserslautern – SC Verl could not attract more fans to Lotte. Like TSV Havelse, Verl is not allowed to play on his own court. That is why the hut is not filled with the sports club – up to 5,000 spectators are allowed. In front of Havelse on Monday (7pm) hardly more than 500 will find their way to the ConnectM-Arena in Lotter Kreuz.


It would be fine with Havelse. It seems strange: he leads the last team from the third division to the outside match with a lot of self-confidence. “It wasn’t just equivalent, it was really good,” TSV coach Rudiger Zell said in the test against Hannover 96 (0:1) a week ago.

Photos from the test match between TSV Havelse and Hannover 96

Photos from the test match between TSV Havelse and Hannover 96

© Debbie Jane Kinsey

Lakenmacher marked, but still without a target

Havelsers shook at 0:6 speed from their last league game against Lutheran. “Exploiting opportunities and goals is our theme,” says Zell. Against 96 and against Lutheran, the outside player started the match with three good scoring chances, but he didn’t use any of them. Fynn Lakenmacher was clear in the storm around 96. “Presence is good, against the ball is good, teamwork is good, but for what it is, he only pays attention with goals,” Zell says. Lakenmacher has yet to score, as has Leon Damer, who only joined the team later.

Ziehl’s offensive plan: Volle Lotte against Verl, against 96, Ziehl was already offensive, with three coaches trained in the center of the defense. “We’ve tested it over and over again, and now we have new options” which Ziehl needs, too. Finn Arkenberg has been lying flat for a week and a half, just getting into training.

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The right wing destroyer is supposed to be happy

Ziehl makes way for Damer on the right wing, and Florian Riedel moves into the center of defence. Then Havelsi can start with Lakenmacher in the lead, and Damer and Yannik Jaeschke – with three trained strikers. Brave, but promising. Because the opponent is also one of the weakest defensive teams in the league.

Unlike Havelse, Verl is not well trained and fluctuates wildly in performance. There’s even a German champion on the team: Mahir Saglik won the ball with Wolfsburg, but now he’s 38 and just a joker. Play should suit Havelse: Verl tries to integrate the ball with precision forward. That’s what 96 tried to do recently in the friendly.

What will happen to the player Igbani test?

There is nothing new for Test player Naim Ighbani at the moment. “He did it well,” said Zell, “but the problem is that he doesn’t speak English or German, only French.” Communication is important at Havells. Rien ne va plus with the talented 20-year-old? Not in terms of sports, Zell is a big fan of the 20-year-old – he should be affordable.


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