Boris Johnson delivers a strange speech - with humming voices - politics abroad

First a strange letter, then he talks about an inappropriate donation dinner: Boris Johnson (57) calculated. Even the British prime minister is blasphemed in Downing Street, albeit behind closed doors.

Well-connected BBC correspondent Laura Koensberg quoted a high-ranking source that the store is no longer run by the Prime Minister. A Cabinet member told The Times that Johnson’s totally abortive speech to the CBI was emblematic of the government’s chaotic course.

▶ ︎ Johnson himself even had to comment on his health in front of the camera. “Are you okay?” A stunned journalist audibly asked the Prime Minister. Johnson is well known for his outlandish comparisons and ridiculous comedic speeches – that’s part of his shirt-sleeved style of judgment. But what the prime minister said on Monday before top business representatives was strange even by his standards.

In front of the astonishing audience, the premier praised a park dedicated to the cartoon character Peppa Pig for several minutes. He compared himself to Moses, alluded to the communist revolutionary leader Lenin, and imitated an engine. In between, he lost the thread for seconds and searched for his text amid furious apologies.

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