Crysis Remastered: Added PS5 improvements and climb levels

Crysis Remastered: Added PS5 improvements and climb levels

Update: On Reddit, the developers are getting more detailed. Performance information looks like this:

PlayStation 5

  • Performance Mode – 1080p – 60fps
  • Quality mode – 1800p – 60fps
  • RayTracing – 1440p – 60fps

Xbox Xbox X.

  • Performance Mode – 1080p – 60fps
  • Quality mode – 2160p – 60fps
  • RayTracing – 1440p – 60fps

Xbox S

  • Performance Mode – 1080p – 60fps
  • Quality Mode – 2160p – 30fps
  • RayTracing – 1080p – 30fps

Complete change Read here.

Original message: Crytek indicates in a press release that a new “Crysis Remastered” update can be downloaded. It is available for download for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and PS5.

After introducing the classic Ascension level via a previous PC version update, PlayStation and Xbox players can now enjoy this section of the game. In it, you have to control the MV-24H Vulture VTOL under intense fire from the island.

Improvements to the new control units

Performance update is just as important. For PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the update brings a number of frame rate improvements to the game’s various graphics settings, according to the official description. No further details were provided on this topic, but Crytek does mention it on the Advertising Explicitly “Improvements for Next Generation Controllers”.

The new update to “Crysis Remastered” also adds classic Nanosuit controls and over 100 bug fixes, including rendering improvements.

“We are very excited to release this new update for Crysis Remastered as part of our commitment to continue supporting the game after its launch. It is shaped by the feedback from the players,” says project leader Stephen Halbig.

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“The addition of the original Crysis Ascension level to the PC version of the game was extremely popular with gamers. We are excited to be able to offer this experience to PlayStation and Xbox players for the first time, in a game optimized for next-generation consoles.”

Our review of Crysis Remastered:

“Crysis Remastered” was released last year for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. More on the shooter You can find out about this in our topic overview.

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