Confirmation of Affair with Piwko: Felicitas Woll posted the couple's first photo

The relationship with Piwko has been confirmed
Felicitas Woll posted the couple’s first photo

Rumors of a new relationship in Felicitas Wall’s life have been around for quite some time. Now the actress has officially confirmed her love for “Let’s Dance” candidate Benjamin Piwko through her first social media photo.

It was already apparent in 2018 that Felicitas Wall had a boyfriend, at least she had a daughter with someone at the time. The fact that this is “Let’s Dance” candidate, Benjamin Bioco, has only been known to her fans since last April, when the martial arts professor announced in March that he had divorced his wife Veronica.

But even before that, posts had indicated a relationship between him and Wall, which, however, had to be looked at very carefully. Woll and Piwko were actually posing separately on their Instagram accounts in front of the same Christmas tree for Christmas 2020.

In April, Piwko captioned a picture of Woll and wrote underneath, “I’m happy with you.” She replied, “I am with you a lot.” In the end, however, everything became clear. Now the two have officially finally done so with a picture on their Woll account.

Together they smile for the camera on the black and white photo. “Happiness is when the mind dances, the heart breathes, and loves the eyes,” writes the actress. Wall placed her head on Piwko’s shoulder while closing his eyes. There are no more unanswered questions.

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