Today, on December 31st, 2021, the “New Year’s Eve Show with Jörg Bilawa” is shown on TV. When and where you can watch the New Year’s Eve show, read here. Plus: All information about live broadcasts and recursion.

New Year’s Eve Show with Jörg Bilawa at Das Erst
Photo: ARD, transmitted by FUNKE Guides

On December 31st, 2021, “New Year’s Eve Show with Jörg Bilawa” will be shown on TV. If you don’t want to miss the “New Year’s Eve Show with Jörg Bilawa”, order 20:15 hour in a ARD Switch, because that’s where the program works. Those who prefer watching TV online: ARD also offers online live streaming.

‘The New Year’s Eve Show with Jörg Pilawa’ Today on Live and TV: Here’s What the Show is All About

This year too, TV viewers can look forward to the turn of the year “New Year’s Eve Show with Jörg Bilawa”: Jörg Bilawa, along with Francine Jordi, celebrates the New Year with songs to suit every musical taste and festive mood. Rock legend Susie Quattro will attend the big Eurovision show on New Year’s Eve, and the band Santiano, Sasha, Maite Kelly, Die Prinzen, Johnny Logan, Andrea Berg, Peter Kraus and others will provide the best entertainment. In addition to concert performances, pop and evergreens, folk ballads and rock classics, there is also magic and many exciting prospects: astrologer Antonia Langsdorff creates personalized annual horoscopes for the stars and audience for 2022. After the countdown, the new year will be announced with photos Brilliant New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Brandenburg Gate in recent years, after which Jörg Bilawa continues to celebrate with Francine Jordi, guests, audience and TV viewers. Guests on the show are: Peter Krause, Black Voss, Johnny Logan, Knokes, Melissa Nationwing, Extrabright, Ben Zucker, Susie Quattro, Santiano, De Prinzin, Karat, Mate Kelly, Andrea Berg, Sasha, Leone, Loco Escrito and Sonia Liebing DJ Herzbeat and magician Wolfgang Moser. After the show, the New Years Eve Show Party will continue from 0.15am. (Source: ARD, quoted by FUNKE Guides)

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Are you interested in programs such as “The New Year’s Eve Show with Jörg Bilawa”? Then here are some additional tips for you:

  • 7:45 PM working on MDR “Big New Years Eve Party”.
  • 8:15 PM brings MDR Hello 2022.

“New Year’s Eve Show with Jörg Bilawa” December 31, 2021: repeat online at ARD Media Library and on TV

Won’t you be able to watch “The New Year’s Eve Show with Jörg Bilawa” at 8:15 PM today? Just take a look at ARD media library. This offers many online TV contributions as video-on-demand for streaming – also and especially after the respective broadcast on TV. There will be no repetition on TV in the ARD at the moment. You can usually find the program online after it is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs.

All information about “New Year’s Eve Show with Jörg Bilawa” on TV

Date: December 31, 2021 (first broadcast)

in a: ARD

with: Jörg Bilawa, Francine Jordi, Peter Krause, de Black Voss, Johnny Logan, Knukes, Melissa Nationwing, Extrabrite, Ben Zucker, Susie Quattro, Bjorn Booth, De Prinzen, Karat, Mighty Kelly, Andrea Berg, Sasha, Leonie, Loco Escrito, Sonia Liebing, magician Wolfgang Moser and Black Voss

year of production: 2021

Long: 245 minutes (from 8:15 PM to 12:20 AM)

in high definition: Yes

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