Home Tech Chapter 3: What are the best landing spots?

Chapter 3: What are the best landing spots?

Chapter 3: What are the best landing spots?

Flip Chapter 3 Fortnite upside down and simply flip the map. The downside of the island offers some new lucrative landing sites.

If you want to approach Battle Royale strategically, you should think carefully beforehand about the landing point you are targeting. There are four suggestions below, as there is plenty of loot to be found.

Chunker Motorcycle Race

Those who like to bathe in many things should go down the mountain on the east side of Chonker Speedway. There, two chests of gold can be looted in a small house.

Well equipped, exit the building and head to the freezer where Chug Splash can be found. In addition, chests and other objects can spawn.

Since most opponents are dueling in the buildings to the west, they can also be easily eliminated from above. You can then leave the scene on a quad bike.

Crackshot’s Hutte

With Crackshot’s Hut, the next place is by no means an insider tip in the Fortnite scene for good reason. Immediately after landing, the guns must be collected first.

This gives you a significant starting advantage over your opponents. In the hut itself there are some golden chests and ammo chests that will be looted.

Additionally, a quad can be used to drive west to Lt. John Lama access. There is a guaranteed llama spawning in his house so more prey can be found.

Seven outposts

Entering an outpost will require either a binary partner or some skill. In the southwest outpost of Greasy Grove, for example, three large containers are sleeping behind the door to be looted.

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However, two people must stand in front of the entrance for it to open. However, this can be bypassed in a single game.

The unconscious guard can act as a second person. If the other guard notices this, he will attack.

Therefore, the action must be taken quickly and as soon as the door is opened, the other guard must also be removed immediately.

Then Greasy Grove can be controlled. The same principle applies to other outposts as well.

Day Docs by Fat Groove

If you’re looking for a slightly less exciting introduction to Fortnite, the small port facility west of Greasy Grove is perfect.

While most opponents are fighting each other in the city, the huts can be looted comfortably. In addition to several chests, there is an upgrade table and several rods in which fish supplies can be stored.

There is also a car parked there. After collecting the weapons, you can first dust off some of Greasy’s clearance before heading to the next area by car.


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