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Guide to Creating Gaming Videos for Your YouTube Channel

Guide to Creating Gaming Videos for Your YouTube Channel

Gaming videos is included to be one of the most watched videos on YouTube. People watch gaming videos often and this content is almost all the time trending all over the internet. If you are fan of this stuff you might always wonder what it would take to make your own gaming videos. You’ll really find out that it does not take much if you are really much interested and are willing to work on it. All you need for this are your favorite games and a computer to play it on but if you want to create a high quality video it might need other things like a YouTube video editor.

If you want to create a YouTube channel and in order to attract people you need to take care of the quality of the video including graphics and the video editor you are using in order to make your content look more professional, high quality and likable. 

Screen Record Your Game 

If you really need a high quality video recording of your gaming you should on the top consider screen recording it whether it is a PC or a console. It will be easier for you to have a clear image of your video. For this purpose there are multiple recorders available on your PC in order for recording your stream with a better visual result. A gamer uses screen recorders with other capabilities too. 

If you are using a console the method for recording will vary depending on the type of console you are currently using. 

Xbox One

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While playing if you want to record it you need to press the Xbox button. When the menu is open press the View Button. Then select Record from Now. You can record videos 10 minutes long, and if you want to record longer videos you can utilize an external hard drive and with its help you can record videos up to 1 hour and above.


The PS4 makes the recording way easier. All you need for this purpose is to double click the Share button and the recording will instantly start at the very second. You can change the length of the recording sessions by clicking on the Share button for once,

 Sharing and Broadcast Settings > Video Clip Settings > Length of the Video Clip.

Use a Camera and Microphone 

Beside your actual gaming video you also need to decide whether you are willing to add commentary or not, the most famous videos have commentary as people really like to know the behind the scenes but it is totally up to you to add it in the video’s background or not. If you are going to talk in your online game streaming you should always consider buying a high quality microphone, you can use your computer’s built-in microphone but it will lack quality. You can find multiple microphones according to your need which can be affordable and easy to use. 

If you are willing to buy a microphone you can use the microphone of your own phone. Apple iPhones have an app Voice Memos you can record the audio of any length in it as for android users they can use the app called Voice Recorders. These apps are the best to use if you don’t have any microphone to use. 

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If you want to add your own video in your stream your computer’s camera can work best for you unless you want your face to be the center of attraction then you may go for good quality cameras.

Video Editors  

As you have made and recorded your stream and the commentary now it’s your time to put them all together. There are many low priced video editors out there that are available and you can use them. For free use you can find a YouTube video editor as well. If you still want to add more things you can find and use multiple tools.

 Once you find the tool you’ll need to import all the videos and the recorded voice. To make sure this process is according to your needs you need to carefully stream it and cut out the parts that you don’t want to add. Also you should consider whether your sound matches the point where you want to add it in the video. You may also add effects and texts if you want to add them or not depending upon your choice. Just keep in mind to not add extra effects in your video because people are more interested in raw work rather than one with extra effects.

You can find video editors and some major special YouTube video editors to make your work more easy and interesting that can attract as many people as possible.

Creating YouTube Thumbnail

One of the most important things that you can add in your videos as an eye catcher is your thumbnail. Your thumbnail is the main part that attracts people, gets their attention and makes them open your videos. You can make quite impressive thumbnails with the help of video editors. You can make your thumbnail impressive by adding the information about the video, adding some eye-catching colors with the help of YouTube video editors.  Adding text in your thumbnail can also work but make it sure that you are adding bright and visible colors.

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Link to YouTube Channel 

While uploading your videos adds links to your YouTube Channel and other videos as well that will make it easy for people to locate more of your stuff. You can also add clickable links directly in your videos using annotations in YouTube’s video settings. Most Youtubers like to add these annotations at the end of video in order to not to disturb the viewers during the main content.

By clicking on your channel and videos you are more likely to have an increase in your followers and views.  


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