Football: ‘Tough day in the office’ – Michaela Moore scored three own goals

Football: ‘Tough day in the office’ – Michaela Moore scored three own goals
football USA vs New Zealand

‘Tough day in the office’ – I scored three goals before the break

‘Good Positional Play’ – Team USA’s response to Moore’s hat-trick

New Zealand international Michaela Moore scored a hat-trick in just 36 minutes and was substituted before the break. The US team finds words of comfort for the defender after the match.

Michaela Moore is a defender at Liverpool FC. In the international match against the USA, the footballer is experiencing what may be the darkest day of her career. Before the first half whistle, her coach replaced her.

eA perfect hat-trick, that is, three goals in one half, is rare in football. But what Michaela Moore (25) has unfortunately been able to do has to be described as quite rare.

The defender is currently competing with New Zealand in the SheBelieves Cup in the USA. In the second group match against the hosts, Moore scored three goals in the first half. However, all in their own goal. And like this:

  • 5 minutes: Moore blocked a half-height cross from Smith at the near post with his cut from a narrow angle to make the USA 1-0.
  • 6 minutes: Less than two minutes later, another cross sailed into the New Zealand penalty area. American striker Makario missed the ball with her head, Moore could not respond and shot the ball into his own goal for the second time – 2-0 to the United States.
  • 36th minute: An American plays the ball from the baseline in front of the New Zealand goal. There was Moore again, who wanted to clear the ball, but bounced with her left foot – 3-0 for the USA.

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In the end, the United States easily beat the utterly dismayed New Zealanders 5-0. The score was 4-0 in the first half. However, Moore did not face the end of the first half whistle on the field. After 40 minutes, coach Jitka Klimkova pulled the stricken player off the field for delaying her from the day’s work, she later revealed.

‘We are all behind her’

After the match, Klimkova said: “It was a hard day in the office. She is sad and depressing, but she is a wonderful person and belongs to this team. We are all behind her in this bitter moment. “

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Goalkeeper Erin Nayler was defeated three times by teammate Michaela Moore

Coyle: AFP/Mark J. Terrell

Moore plays football for Liverpool FC and is a pillar of the team there. Unlike the men coached by Jürgen Klopp, the women play in the second division. Still. Liverpool is in first place with a difference of ten points. With six matches remaining, promotion is uncertain.

However, the SheBelieves Cup is over for Moore and New Zealand. The team had already lost the first match against Iceland 0-1. After the heavy defeat to the United States, New Zealand no longer had a chance to win the tournament before the final against the Czech Republic.

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