What are the changes to the school's health protocol?

Soline Le Hen, a journalist specializing in “health” at franceinfo, answers all children’s questions.

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For some students, this is already the beginning of winter break. Back to school has been marked by a reduction in the school’s Covid protocol. A chance to return with the pupils of the CM2 class at Fondari Primary School in Paris on how they lived during this entire period and the various changes associated with the pandemic. Soline Le Hen, a journalist specializing in “health” at franceinfo answers all their questions.

>> Covid-19: What is changing (and isn’t) in school health protocol as of today

Amber presents her testimony first, “Why in recent months, we have changed the anti-Covid protocol a lot. They told us to put on masks, take off masks, put them on outside, put them on when you exercise, put them on when you exercise, also put them on when you exercise. It is not clear anymore…”. And you ask this question, “Yes, Covid Leaves and we were vaccinated, does that mean we got vaccinated for nothing?

Then Elliot asks, “sWhy do we know that we can now relax the anti-Covid protocol in school and everywhere? And the “What are the protocol changes? Is it just the mask we take off in the yard, or are there other changes for us?”

“What do experts think of the future of Covid? What do they think could happen with Covid. A new variant? What could happen in the future?”

Finally, Thaniswaran would like to know, Is it possible for children to be required to obtain a vaccination permit like adults?

On this page, listen to all the children’s questions and this franceinfo program for young people.

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