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The Queen of Celebrity Shopping at VOX
Photo: VOX, transmitted by FUNKE Guides

Sunday (June 27, 2021) at 8:15 p.m.Promie shopping queenSeen on TV. They did a fashion show in Fox Can’t watch Episode 66 (“The mantra: Girls put their pants on! Whether it’s culottes, sweatpants or paper bags – create a stylish look for the new must-have pants!”) But surely you still saw it? Take a look at the TV Now VOX media library. Here you will find countless TV shows that are streamed online as video on demand after they are broadcast. You can usually find the program online after it is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there won’t be a Vox iteration in classic TV right now.

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‘Celebrity Shopping Queen’ on TV: This is what the Design Show is all about

“Girls wear their pants! Whether it’s culottes, sweatpants or paper bags – create a stylish look for your new must-have pants!” It is the logo of the famous trio Anja Kruse, Marie Amière and Joyce Ilg. Star stylist Guido Maria Kretschmer created the next special mission for actress Anja Kruse: You have to be culottes. He wants an outfit with bright summer colors. (Source: Vox, submitted by FUNKE Program Guides)

Guido Maria Kretschmer is the secret star of the documentary “Promi Shopping Queen”

“Promi Shopping Queen” is an offshoot of the traditional “Shopping Queen” show and, in contrast, has two standout candidates: the four celebrities have to buy and deliver the right outfit – and design – within four hours on a small budget. Active fellows rate the clothes of other participants and award points for individual categories. The candidate with the best design and therefore the most points wins and gets the title of “Celebrity Shopping Queen”. Prize money will be donated to charity.

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“Celebrity Shopping Queen” on TV: all the information at a glance

ring: 66

Trait: Logo: Girls on pants! Whether the pants are sweatpants, sweatpants or paper bags – create a stylish look around the new must-have pants!

at: Fox

year of production: 2019

Long: 185 minutes

in high definition: Yeah

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