Home entertainment Carmen Guess presents a new hair color

Carmen Guess presents a new hair color

Carmen Guess presents a new hair color

For many, the tall blond guy is just as much a part of Carmen Jess as her husband Robert. But now the millionaire’s wife has dared to make a visual makeover and present herself with a new look.

Photo series with 11 photos

“Maybe I’d like to change something in the near future. What do you think of that?” Carmen Jess asked her 820,000 followers a few weeks ago via an Instagram post. One of the posters showed the 56-year-old once with a usual blonde and once with brown hair, and she conjured it up with the help of a filter.

Fans’ opinions differed in the comments. Many found the darker version more beautiful, and others advised the “Die Geissens” star to stay true to his recognizable appearance. Now Carmen may have opted for compromise. Robert Jess’ wife uploaded a photo of herself to the social media platform, which she showed after her last visit to the hairdresser.

“This color looks great”

“Winter is coming and I did it again. I changed my hair color. The blonde was yesterday,” Carmen wrote of the shot, adding the hashtags “Colored” and “Change Yourself.”

The mother of two has not quite bid farewell to her light base color, but her hair is now shaded by many reddish-brown strands.

The millionaire wife herself seems to like it according to her smile, but she also wants to know from her followers: “Do you like it?” And the answers are clear. “This color looks great,” “So beautiful and natural,” or “Looks great on you” are just a few of the many compliments in the comments.

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