Home entertainment Harald Glöckler talks about breakup rumors: It becomes very clear

Harald Glöckler talks about breakup rumors: It becomes very clear

Harald Glöckler talks about breakup rumors: It becomes very clear

Harald Glockler spoke for the first time about the alleged separation from his husband.

BERLIN – Harald Glockler, 56, is said to have separated from his husband, Dieter Schroth (73), as reported by several media outlets. In the forest camp in 2022, the designer had already complained about his husband, after which he moved from the house in which they lived to Berlin. Now he finally spoke about the matter himself.

name Harald Glockler
Boy May 30, 1965 (age 56), Mulbronn
Husband Dieter Schroth (married 2015)

Harald Glöckler talks about the alleged breakup: it becomes very clear

So far, there was already information from his lawyer. He had the opposite picture He declared that Glockler wanted to have time for himself first and that everything else would appear in the future. In an interview with RTL There were clear words from the designer himself for the first time.

“No, there was no class. That’s what he wrote. I have a second home in Berlin and I’m doing my job,” Harald Glockler said. He had previously expressed himself in an Instagram post, but only showed an anticipation for life in the capital.

Harald Glöckler: The designer just wanted to take some furniture with him

He also had a simple explanation of the moving truck seen in front of the house that Harald Glockler and his husband Dieter shared. “But you will be allowed to take another home and take the furniture with you if you have a lot,” the 56-year-old wondered.

He also made a comparison with another professional group where a similar situation might arise. Many politicians also live in the Rhineland-Palatinate and also live in Berlin. That is why they did not immediately break up with their partner,” says the stylist (read more news about Promi & TV on RUHR24).

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Harald Glöckler confirms: There is no quarrel between the spouses

The question that turns everything around in the end is whether there is a marital quarrel between the two. Harald Glöckler was also able to reassure everyone who was interested in this regard. “We have been together for 35 years and we don’t always get along for 35 years. But there is no need to speak in public now and there has been no breakup either.”

Harald Glöckler talks about the alleged breakup and it becomes very clear

© IMAGO / Future Image / Frederic Kern

It remains to be seen if the media excitement will subside after these statements. However, from a professional point of view, more can certainly be expected from Harald Glöckler. At least it was recently announced that the 56-year-old will have his own show on RTL.

Subject: © Stefan Menne / RTL


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