Did you miss 'Super Wings' Wednesday on Super RTL?: Episode 7, Season 5 replay online and on TV

How did “Super Wings” last on Wednesday (March 23, 2022)? The answer is here: all the information about the recurrence of “A Very Special Party” on the Internet in the media library and on TV, as well as the upcoming television dates of the “Super Wings”.

Super Wings on Super RTL
Photo: Super RTL, transmitted by FUNKE Magazines

On Wednesday (23/3/2022), another episode of “Super Wings” was shown at six thirty in the morning. Your animated series in Great RTL Did you miss and still want to watch episode 7 of season 5 (“A Very Special Prom”)? Take a look at the Super RTL media library. There you will find many TV reports after the online broadcast as video on demand for broadcast. You can usually find the program in your media library after it has been broadcast on your TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all shipments. Super RTL won’t be repeating it on classic TV in the near future.

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‘Super Wings’ on TV: This is what ‘A Super Special Concert’ is all about

Jett is tasked with delivering a fan letter to singer Trevor and his super band for boy Tom. (Source: Super RTL, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

A quick glimpse of all the information about “Super Wings” on TV

consequence: 7/ Season 5 (“A Very Special Concert”)

at: great rtl

Type: Animated series

year of production: 2020

Long: 10 minutes

in high definition: Yes

All “Super Wings” broadcasts on TV

You can find out where and when to watch upcoming episodes of “Super Wings” here:

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Episode title(s) series consequence History time sender all the time
Bulgarian bee buzzing 4 8 23.3.2022 6:40 am Great RTL 15 minutes
Airplanes above the clouds 5 8 24.3.22022 6:30 am Great RTL 10 minutes
muddy adventure 4 9 24.3.22022 6:40 am Great RTL 15 minutes
Heavy snow storm in Sweden 5 9 25.3.2022 6:30 am Great RTL 10 minutes
Jet and Dino children 4 10 25.3.2022 6:40 am Great RTL 15 minutes
Disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle 2 23 26.3.22022 6:30 am Great RTL 25 minutes
Royal dogs, skate in the desert, monsters in the garden 1 7 26.3.22022 8:10 am Glance 35 minutes
Laugh, Prince! Laugh! 2 25 27.3.22022 6:30 am Great RTL 10 minutes
piano problem 2 26 27.3.22022 6:40 am Great RTL 15 minutes
Saving the Great Moon (Part 1) 5 10 28.3.22022 6:30 am Great RTL 25 minutes
Ice cold adventure in Alaska 5 12 29.3.22022 6:30 am Great RTL 10 minutes
How do you find a UFO? 4 11 29.3.22022 6:40 am Great RTL 15 minutes
In search of truffles 5 13 30.3.2022 6:30 am Great RTL 10 minutes
The most amazing Thailand cake 4 12 30.3.2022 6:40 am Great RTL 15 minutes

(Details of the season and episode number are determined by the respective broadcasters and may differ from the designation in official episode guides)

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