Home Economy Elon Musk announces the third part of his “secret master plan”.

Elon Musk announces the third part of his “secret master plan”.

Elon Musk announces the third part of his “secret master plan”.

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In his “secret master plan,” Elon Musk outlines Tesla’s long-term goals. He introduced the first stage of the plan in 2006 – at that time it was related to the production of affordable electric cars for the masses.

A decade later, phase two included climate-friendly solar-powered roofs, electric buses and trucks, and continued development of autonomous driving.

The Tesla CEO has now announced that there is a third part of his secret plan. What is still going on around this speculation.

When Elon Musk presented the first part of his so-called “master plan” in 2006, he smiled. His vision of affordable electric cars for the masses seemed far-fetched, and Tesla seemed unimportant and small at the time. Meanwhile, the Tesla billionaire executive has proven time and time again that he can make his plans – however ambitious – come true.

The original plan was as follows: develop an expensive e-sports car that would make enough profit to develop another e-car (Model S) that was affordable but still made enough money to eventually develop an electric vehicle for the masses (Model 3). The Tesla CEO’s project couldn’t be more successful. The Model S, Model X, and Model 3 electric cars on the road today are proof of that.

In July 2016, a decade later, Musk announced that his master plan was in the final phase and followed up with a sequel. in one Blog post Talk about electric buses and trucks as well as the further development of autonomous driving and private automated taxis. Solar roofs with integrated storage batteries are also planned. Musk has already managed to implement most aspects of “Part Deux,” including climate-friendly solar roofs and a “new pickup,” which he introduced in November 2019 as an electronic truck. As for self-driving, work has been going on in the USA since fall 2020 on FSD beta, how „Teslamag“ mentioned.

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Part 3 of the master plan raises questions

Now the billionaire has indicated that the third phase of his vision will likely come. Share on Twitter “Working on Part 3 of the Master Plan”. Musk did not give a specific date. So Tesla and Space X fans will have to be patient. In the meantime, speculation is rife in comment columns about what will happen next. Is Part 3 about Tesla, about SpaceX, or something else entirely?

However, some users have expressed a desire for Musk to make cars more affordable in the future. “You should be working on affordable cars – that has to be a priority or else your company is far from a clean energy alternative, it’s an elite toy store,” one comment read. In January, the Tesla boss said that human-like robots are currently the top development priority at Tesla. Autonomous driving should also be a central point again, as well as additional training for battery factories around the world.



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