Love Island 2022: Replay & Transmission on TV & Stream

Love Island 2022: Replay & Transmission on TV & Stream

Love Island returns to Season 7 in 2022. How to watch episodes for free? We have all the information about replay on TV and stream.

Love Island“Currently running again TV. There have been a total of six seasons so far. New episodes will be available from March 21, 2022 RTL 2 Aired.

The Tom Show’s opinion is as follows: Participating candidates – 14 singles in total – travel for a short time to a villa in Tenerife, isolated from the rest of the world. A situation where it should be easy to get to know all the participants well and learn to love them. Because that’s the reality show’s goal: to find love.

At each ending evening, the islanders must be paired, i.e. form a pair. Because that is the only way to get to the next round. Those who are lonely on a night like this should be evicted and leave the villa. The bonds from episode to episode are strengthening, but there is one thing that makes it so hard to get to know each other: grenades. These are the participants, they are gradually added and confuse life in the villa.

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If a couple does it during turbulent times, the most important decision will only be made in the final: the final. Here the audience decides which couple should win on the “island of love” by voting. It should ask a question: money or love? Because it’s about 50,000 in prize money, you can take it home alone or without your partner or share it with the right person.

“Love Island” 2022: Broadcast on TV and Stream – This is how you watch Season 7

Since the TV broadcast of the first season of “Love Island” in 2017, it has been a free TV station RTL2, Which broadcasts the dome show. It will continue in season 7. New episodes are usually Monday through Friday and Sunday at 10:15 p.m. RTL 2 See.

If you can not follow the show on TV, you can watch it in the stream. RTL + – Previously known TVNow – Also shows “Love Island”. Some can be used for free on the streaming service, but not all films and series are available. A subscription currently costs UR 4.99 per month. Premium Duo is priced at € 7.99. However, both offers can be used for free for one month, so try.

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Missed chapter? – Reissue of “Love Island” 2022

If you ever miss the “Love Island” episode, you do not have to do without it. Because in RTL +, you can follow the dome broadcast in the stream and watch individual episodes again after the TV broadcast.

This way you will always be in a state of update about what is going on in the villa and not have to worry about current affairs.

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