Home entertainment Celebrity Big Brother: Melanie Muller’s Father Joins Ravi Rachik in Beef

Celebrity Big Brother: Melanie Muller’s Father Joins Ravi Rachik in Beef

Celebrity Big Brother: Melanie Muller’s Father Joins Ravi Rachik in Beef

‘Daughter Trapped’: Melanie Mueller’s father joins beef with Ravi

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Celebrity Big Brother: After disagreements between Melanie and Ravi, the now-television blonde’s father is flipped.

Cologne – TV star Melanie Muller, 33, is currently getting heavy grease in the container at “Celebrity Big Brother.” Right at the start of the show, I messed with Ravi Rashk (31). Big mistake, as it turned out in the end. Because Sam Dylan’s friend doesn’t seem to give up and keeps killing him. So much so that a number of viewers not only want to fire the former “Bachelorette” candidate and join forces against him online, Melanie’s father now appears fed up. He talks on Instagram and criticizes Ravi.

Reality Stars Battle: Melanie’s Father Is Tired

The situation is getting tougher – not only at the home of “Celebrity Big Brother” (click here to see the cast for the current season) also in social media there doesn’t seem to be any topic other than the argument between Ravi and Melanie. The cause of the controversy was Ravi’s accusation that the TV blonde made a pact with fellow campaigner Eric Senderman before the show started (extratipp.com reported). This isn’t exactly supposed to be the truth, which is why Melanie let her take it and get it back again.

Ravi Rashik makes serious allegations against Melanie Mueller at Celebrity Big Brother

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Reconciliation between the two seems unlikely so far. In Melanie’s Instagram story, her father reported himself for the first time and took his daughter under protection. “I’m sorry that my daughter is trapped, for example because of false statements or controlled machinations there,” her father said.

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Because slowly but surely getting his daughter close to the camera in the space enclosure would be enough for him. He even trusts that Ravi planned the dispute in advance. My daughter is strong. “I hope you take it,” he said.

But that’s not all, Melanie Mueller’s father even went so far as to start rumors of a possible fraud. Ravi was to participate as the man who forgave him in the dome show “The Bachelorette”. “How can I apply when I know my partner is waiting at home,” says Millie’s father. Will Ravi’s soon-to-be friend Sam Dylan step in and support him? We are excited! I read here: ‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Ovi Abel shocks his roommate – confession from the past while spinning the bottle, as reported by tz.de. * tz.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA


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