Home Top News Břetislav Tureček: There is still a stalemate between Iran and the United States. But the bread will only break between them

Břetislav Tureček: There is still a stalemate between Iran and the United States. But the bread will only break between them

Břetislav Tureček: There is still a stalemate between Iran and the United States.  But the bread will only break between them

After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the United States severed diplomatic relations with Iran. This imposed sanctions on them, which, along with other Western countries, severely affected the Iranian economy.

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The United States, France and Germany have also stopped work on upgrading Iran’s nuclear facilities, as promised under previous governments. Relations between the United States and Iran have been fiercely hostile ever since, but have escalated in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States.

A few months later, US President George W. Bush accused not only Iran but also Iraq and North Korea of ​​seeking weapons of mass destruction:

“Iran is actively developing and exporting terrorism, while at the same time a small group of unelected people are holding back the hope of freedom for the entire Iranian population. Such states and their terrorist allies are a threat of evil. They are arming themselves and trying to build weapons of mass destruction to threaten world peace.” That is why we will develop and deploy an efficient missile defense that will protect the United States and our allies from unprovoked attacks, “Bush said.

Tropov: Iran has never told the truth

A year later, the International Atomic Energy Agency began investigating Iran’s nuclear program. Did this have anything to do with it?

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Dana Tropov, head of the State Office for Nuclear Security, responds: “The opposition played a key role in the National Council for Opposition to Iran. He was right when he said that Iran was not always telling the truth when it announced its obligations as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty. It does not mention all the activities it carries out in this area. Earlier indications that Iran would not abide by the agreement on the proliferation of nuclear weapons have raised the National Council’s warning for Iranian support and have been bolstered by information provided by Israeli intelligence.

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In other words, it is suspected of failing to comply with the Non-Proliferation Treaty signed by Iran. Under the guise of fostering nuclear power, they are actually trying to develop nuclear weapons.

When Barack Obama joined the White House in 2009, he tried to resume talks. In his first interview as head of Al Arabiya TV, he gave Iran an “open hand”.

However, diplomats representing the permanent members of the UN Security Council and the European Union took six difficult years of negotiations before reaching an agreement. Iran has been allowed to inspect its nuclear facilities, while Western countries have lifted sanctions.

Then came Trump

But after Barack Obama, Republican Donald Trump became president. He made it clear from the outset that he did not like the international agreement with Iran.

In April 2018, Israel released intelligence documents, according to which Iran worked actively to develop nuclear weapons between 1999 and 2003. The International Atomic Energy Agency has reiterated claims that Iran has not continued to do so in recent years.

This devastating deal paid billions of dollars to the brutal regime, most of which was cash. This is as embarrassing to me as a citizen of the United States, as it is to many citizens. A constructive agreement could be reached, but it did not come. At the heart of the deal with Iran is the huge myth that the assassination regime is pursuing a peaceful nuclear program designed specifically for energy production. Today we have clear evidence that this Iranian promise is a lie. Israel last week released intelligence documents that Iran has long concealed, denying that it is trying to develop nuclear weapons. This is a terrible, one-sided deal that has never been done.

President Donald Trump said

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Will Biden change anything?

Joe Biden is in the White House today. What does this mean for Iran’s relations with the outside world? Bedislav Durasek, a former reporter for Czech radio in the Middle East, is now head of the Middle East Research Center at the Metropolitan University in Prague, which says there is a stalemate between Iran and the United States.

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“We are now in a situation where the Americans are demanding Iran: resign first and return to your duties under the 2015 agreement. You are the first to withdraw from the agreement against the Iranians, so go for it. Deactivate the sanctions and we will begin to fulfill our obligations. This is a vicious circle. If necessary, it will not be until June this year, when the presidential election in Iran will take place. Incumbent President Hassan will not be able to run again after eight years. Says.

One thing is for sure, says Bedislav Tourez: “As far as Iran is concerned, the only serious partners in the process are the Americans. They do not have enough weight to represent the European Union or other Security Councils. The proverbial bread is actually broken between Washington and Tehran.

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