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Hawaii plans to produce electric cars. It is said that he will be presented first this year

Chinese technology company Hawaii Technologies plans to produce electric cars under its own brand. He could introduce some models earlier this year.

Hawaii is the world’s largest maker of telecommunications equipment, but has recently expanded into new businesses due to US sanctions.

Sources say Hawaii has begun internal development of electric cars and plans to officially launch the project this year. According to sources, the company is already in talks with state-owned Changan Automobile and other car manufacturers.

However, a Hawaii spokesman denied that the company planned to design and manufacture electric cars under its own brand. “Hawaii is not a car manufacturer,” he said. However, he said the company wants to become a supplier of components focused on digital cars through information and communication technologies so that it can produce better cars.

Chinese technology companies are increasingly focusing on electric cars. China is the world’s largest electric car market, and Beijing strongly encourages the use of green vehicles as a tool to improve air quality.

Alternative propulsion cars, also known as NEVs (New Energy Vehicles), are expected to account for 20 percent of total car sales in China by 2025. The NEV segment includes pure electric cars, hybrid cars and hydrogen cars.

The United States, which has accused Hawaii of stealing technology, suspects Chinese government intelligence. But the company has been rejecting this for a long time. Last November, Hawaii sold the Honor division to Hawaii at a lower price due to US sanctions.

“US restrictions on semiconductor supply to Hawaii are gradually crippling the company,” said Dan Wang, a researcher at Cavegel Draconics, a research firm. “So the company is moving to a less chip-intensive business so that it can continue to operate,” he said.

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