“Temperature tsunami” is heading towards Mallorca
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iPhone: Vivian Werg

Weather experts predict highs of over 40°C in Majorca this weekend – Spanish government taking action.

Mallorca/Berlin – Spain is sweating! Like an online weather portal Wetter.de Reports, Mallorca is already facing the next heat wave. At the weekend, temperatures on the Balearic Island and the Spanish mainland should be above 40 degrees during the day. Even tropical nights over 20 degrees don’t bring any cooling. According to the Spanish Meteorological Service Emmett The temperatures will rise in the coming days, especially in the north and center of Mallorca. It also has water temperatures of about 25 degrees warmer than normal.

But the Not only local residents are afraid of the summer heat. They are also worried about the impending tourist rush. Dream coves are overrun and the way tourists sometimes dress often causes resentment.

Vacationers lie on the beach of Platja de Tora in Paguera, Majorca.
Sweltering heat in Spain: Mallorca faces a 45-degree heatwave (iconic image) © David Inderlied / Imago

Extreme heat in Mallorca: maximum values ​​are just over 40 degrees

That’s how it will be moist In the next few days: If the temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday are still relatively “mild” with maximum values ​​around 32 degrees, they should be high Mallorca Zeitung It’s hot on Sunday. depending on the current weather forecast It would be 39 degrees in the Incas. On Monday, it is assumed that the 40-degree mark will be broken for the first time this year.

According to the weekly newspaper, the heat warning level in Mallorca is yellow from 36 degrees, orange from 39 degrees and red from 42 degrees. Emmett Set warning levels for Sunday and Monday, next Friday or Saturday.

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The next heat wave in Spain: the government creates a private agency

how Wetter.de Reports indicate that temperatures in Majorca can vary greatly. While the cities of Llubí, Algaida, Costitx, Montuïri and Porreres can drop below 20 degrees at night in July and August, residents of the municipalities of Palma, Calvia, Santanyi and Jerusalem may suffer from the heat. This is due to the humidity being much higher in the coastal areas than in the interior of the island, which means that the coasts are usually much hotter, including at night. The portal talks about “temperature tsunamis”.

The sight of the scorching hot summer of Mallorca is hard work for the human circulatory system. So the Spanish government created a special agency to deal with The effects of extreme temperatures human health and take appropriate action. againZDF It has been reported that the Spanish government is also planning a law banning outdoor work in extreme temperatures due to heat waves. “The occupational hazards law must be amended accordingly,” Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz was quoted as saying. (Vivian Werg)


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