Home Top News “Grill Den Hensler”: Bahadur duo kicks TV chef out of concept – TV

“Grill Den Hensler”: Bahadur duo kicks TV chef out of concept – TV

“Grill Den Hensler”: Bahadur duo kicks TV chef out of concept – TV

There was a double turn here.

Concentrated female power in “Grill den Hensler” on Sunday evening!

At the end of the motto week “Vox for Women”, TV chef Stephen Hensler, 49, had to prove himself against six women. “Let’s Dance” referee Motsi Mapus (40), “Princess Charming” Irina Hose (30) and Bah்ட’ duo Valentina and Cheyenne (both 27) competed against the host and received active dual support: Professionals – Cooks Natalie and Jennifer Diane ( Both 38) coached celebrity guests.


Best Girl: “Let’s Dance” star Motsi Mapus did magic in the ovenPhoto: RTL / Frank. W. Hempel

However, Hensler was still marked by his culinary disaster on Halloween: “What a bad start. That’s the low point of ‘Grill Den Hensler’!” I will win by difference. Let go of female power, male power today! ”

Motsi Mapus immediately clarified: “I will not let myself be annoyed. I feel negative energy through your tattoos. ”

However, the Bahadur duo appeared to be true Hensler fans. During Motsy’s cooking lesson (sweet potato-quinoa-mark with chicken) they saw Stephen Hensler serving and talked to him animated.

Stephen Hensler and his beautiful fan forum

Stephen Hensler and his beautiful fan forumPhoto: RTL / Frank. W. Hempel

Of course, reviewer Laura Vondora (32) did not hide it – she could not help but say something: They like to flirt, bahde twins. ”But Stephen complained:“ But they are not free! ”Laura could not confirm or correct it – the twins continue to be quiet about their relationship status.

However, a flirtatious attack by Stephen did not go unnoticed. When Laura wanted to know if the phone numbers had already been exchanged, Valentina snapped: “I wonder if he sent them to me on Instagram. Lazy! “

The general cooking course then disintegrated into a real battle. Valentina and Cheyenne chose a double cream puff with raspberry and pistachio filling, which is the recipe they found on TikTok. Hensler did not like this dessert. Immediately he instructed his citizen Howen: “Google cream puffs!” Laura Vondora intervened and warned the aide: “You haven’t Google anything here, Hovan!”

This was followed by accusations that the Bahadur duo cheated, and then they had to deal with completely different issues. One of them was a little over the top in the cream puff product: “I saw the cameraman!”

Moderate Laura Vondora (center) and

Moderate Laura Vondora (center) and “Princess Charming” Irina Hose. Professional chefs Natalie and Jennifer Dinestbach shine in the backgroundPhoto: RTL / Frank. W. Hempel

Both Hensler’s Google Cream Puffs and Bahtes’ Dictoc version were not well received by Jury Christian Roach (64): “They both didn’t really throw me off.” The famous duo grabbed a point overall for their dessert. Heinzler’s image was covered with “grill” stamps more than his rival: “For all women!”

For Stephen Hensler, however, there was one more happy ending: he collected the most points from other dishes and won with 108 to 95 points.

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