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Longest pedestrian suspension bridge: a view of Grandius, 175 meters high

Status: 02.05.2021 3:50 pm

The longest suspension bridge in the world is not for the faint of heart: it leads the “516 Aroca” at an altitude of 175 meters above the Strait of River Paiva in Portugal. Tourists can dare to walk from Monday.

Portugal enjoys a new tourist attraction: in the north of the country, the 516-meter long suspended footbridge “516 Arauca” The opening that crosses the Strait of the Baiva River at an altitude of 175 meters.

According to Arouca Geopark and Aroucas Mayor Margarida Belem, it is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. Belem now hopes to attract many more tourists. She said the bridge is an “important attraction” for the area. The mayor inaugurated the building with the Minister for Regional Cohesion, Anna Abronhosa.

516 Aroca should become a new tourist attraction. The cost of the building is 2.1 million euros.

Photo: dpa

Residents were allowed to test the bridge

Some of the small town of Arauca of around 3,200 were allowed to test the 2.1 million euro building on Thursday. “I’m still shaking, I feel my legs shaking,” Olivia Teixeira told SIC TV after crossing the bridge.

Roy Brandao preferred not to look down, but recommended a try anyway. “I strongly advise you to come even if you are like me suffering from fear of heights,” he said. Others spoke of “one experience in a lifetime”.

Park guides advise those who fear heights to look straight ahead for the first time and not to look at the 1.20 Wide Metal Grid Path, which offers a good view of the green canyon with lots of yellow flowers and waterfall.

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The “516 Aruca” will be open to the public on Monday. If you want to venture across the bridge, to which thick steel cables are stuck and two huge towers on each side, then you have to pay twelve euros.

“516 Aroca” displaces the former record holder in the Swiss Alps.

Photo: AFP

Former leader in the Swiss Alps

Titan RT, which opened in May 2017 in the Harz Mountains in Rappbodetal, was briefly at the forefront between 483m long suspension bridges. But since July 2017, the 494-meter-long “Charles Konin” bridge on the Europaug on the east side of Matertal has earned this title for itself.

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