Lukashenko made a request to Merkel

The row over migrants at the EU’s external borders has been escalating for weeks. Belarusian Governor Lukashenko is now calling on the European Union to accept 2,000 of them. He believes that Chancellor Merkel has an obligation.

Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko call for counselor Angela Merkel (CDU) to negotiate a “humanitarian corridor” for 2,000 migrants to the European Union. In return, he offered, during a phone call with the chancellor, to seek to repatriate 5,000 migrants, Lukashenko’s spokeswoman Natalia Esmont said Thursday, according to the state agency Belta. Whether there are currently 7,000 immigrants in Belarus It cannot be independently confirmed.

Going forward, Lukashenko received a refusal in Berlin. According to reports, the Executive Government holds the European Union responsible for questions regarding the humanitarian situation of people trapped in Belarus. On Thursday, government departments in Berlin said: “Germany did not agree to this. It is a European problem that Germany does not address alone.”

Merkel has already called Lukashenko several times

Thousands of migrants have been waiting for days at the Belarusian-Polish border. Many of them want to go to Germany. Europe accuses Lukashenko of transporting refugees from crisis areas to the external borders of the European Union in an organized manner to put pressure on them. It is believed that he wants to avenge the sanctions.

Merkel and Lukashenko have spoken twice already this week. A special flight began Thursday in Minsk to return more than 400 migrants to the country Iraq to fly.

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