Home Top News CSU politician Chatterjee hands over $ 1.2 million to Bavarian judiciary

CSU politician Chatterjee hands over $ 1.2 million to Bavarian judiciary

CSU politician Chatterjee hands over $ 1.2 million to Bavarian judiciary
  • CSU politician Alfred Chatter was a key figure in the mask affair.
  • The Attorney General’s Office is investigating the corruption
  • Now, according to a media report, the judiciary has decided to take another step.

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The mask affair has further repercussions for CSU politician Alfred Chatter: as it were “Sdeddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ) According to reports, the Munich High Regional Court has ordered the arrest of the property against Chatterjee in the amount of 1.2 million euros already. “This means that the judiciary has received assets from the deputy and the attorney in this amount,” the statement explains the process. With this move, the High Court wanted to prevent Chatterjee’s business with corona security masks from being at the expense of the government or taxpayers.

In the event of a property arrest, victims can transfer the money to the state justice fund or collect land fees on real estate in support of the judiciary. But there are other solutions. According to “SZ”, the exact details of how the property was seized in Chatterjee are not known. Both the High Court and Chatterjee did not comment on the matter. However, Chatterjee said “those familiar with the preliminary investigation” were able to meet the detention requirement without any problems.

Chatterjee was involved in mask distribution contracts

Chatterjee was involved in a mask distribution business that brokered with German ministries by a company based in Hessen. The amount of shares that Chatterjee allegedly received as a lawyer and agent was 1. 1.2 million.

The Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office is already investigating corruption against Chatterjee, and his involvement in the mask affair. Chatter, a former CSU board member, recently denied the allegations through his lawyer. Nevertheless, last month he resigned from all party offices and left the CSU parliamentary committee.

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The arrest of one millionaire against such an influential CSU politician – Chatterjee, among others, was the Bavarian Minister of Justice – “should never have happened in Bavaria”, “SZ” evaluates the process.


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