G.According to the club, investigations are underway into allegations that Werder Bremen’s coach Marcus Anfang used a fake vaccine certificate. The report said that the management of the second division football team was informed about this on Thursday evening.

“In a private conversation with management, Marcus Anfang categorically denied the allegations and assured that he had been fully vaccinated and that he had not used a fake vaccination certificate,” he said. Werter notice.

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31.03.2021, Football, 2020/2021 Season, International Match for the International Match between Germany and Northern Macedonia, Germany and Northern Macedonia, Tim Rehbeen (Germany) Tim Rehbeen / RHR-Photo From the Lindener National Congress Team from the Lindener Congress Hotel in D டுsseldorf.

“Like other citizens who have been double-vaccinated, I received my two vaccines at the official vaccination center and the appropriate sticker on the yellow vaccine card.

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I digitized it at the pharmacy and naturally assumed everything would be fine. I hope the material will be clear soon, ”he was quoted as saying at the outset.

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