As of: 25.12.2021 3:04 am

For the first time, Russia tested several hypersonic zirconium missiles at the same time. In a televised address, President Putin said that successful tests are important to strengthening Russian security.

According to President Vladimir Putin, Russia has successfully tested several hypersonic missiles at the same time. Putin said in a televised address that the tests were carried out on Friday evening and were “successful and error-free.” For Russia, this is a “major event and an important step in strengthening Russian security and improving its defense capabilities.”

Putin announced the development of the supersonic Zircon missile in February 2019. Since then, the Russian military has conducted several tests of the missile. So far, however, Russia has not reported testing several zirconium missiles at the same time.

The international race to develop missiles

Hypersonic missiles can reach speeds of more than five times the speed of sound and can maneuver in flight. It is difficult to detect and intercept for conventional air defense. An international race has broken out between the United States, Russia and China to develop hypersonic missiles.

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