Home entertainment ‘Better Than Pucci’: ‘Love Island’ – Vanushka kisses Vanessa

‘Better Than Pucci’: ‘Love Island’ – Vanushka kisses Vanessa

‘Better Than Pucci’: ‘Love Island’ – Vanushka kisses Vanessa

Put Vanushka So he did revenge? The blonde opened up about wildlife under the Tenerife sun this year’s Love Island season and was part of her first hug. With Bucci The date got hot in a hot tub. Shortly thereafter, the Munich player allowed himself to be passed by Granati Sandrine He distracts her and shares his interest with her. But Vanushka apparently knows how to help herself without Pucci – and sticks with her roommate extensively Vanessa!

In truth or obligation, Vanushka and the 26-year-old are out in front of the assembled team. The blond beauty visibly kisses her companion in her arms warmly and deeply – with her tongue and for more than 15 seconds. Marker It even captures everything on video. This sight does not leave the single men watching cold. “It was definitely very hot,” Pucci testifies. Perhaps Vanushka’s conclusion after hugging the waiter shouldn’t have satisfied him. “Vanessa accepts better than Pucci.”The Salzburg resident announced in a one-on-one interview.

However, Pucci cannot complain about the lack of sufficient attention in the villa. Both Vanushka and Sandrine She expressed her interest. Although he has already come close to the blond beauty, the 28-year-old also wants to stay informed and confirms: “Bucci is the only one I want to focus on.”

“Love Island – Hot Flirts & True Love” on March 21 at 8:15 pm and from March 22 every Monday through Friday and Sunday at 10:15 pm on RTLZWEI and then on RTL+.

Bucci and Vanuschka in “Love Island” 2022
Kissing Vanessa and Vanushka on Love Island
Sandrine and Pucci “Love Island” 2022


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