Home Tech Battlefield 2042: Season 1 won’t appear until 2022

Battlefield 2042: Season 1 won’t appear until 2022

Battlefield 2042: Season 1 won’t appear until 2022

Next week, “Battlefield 2042”, the latest shooter game from DICE, will be released. As confirmed by the studio, the first season will not begin until 2022. Among other things, a new specialist and the first battle pass will be introduced.

Battlefield 2042: Season 1 won't appear until 2022 - first details about the content

After a short delay, DICE’s “Battlefield 2042” multiplayer shooter will finally launch for consoles and PC next week.

As announced a few weeks ago, “Battlefield 2042” is also one of the shooters to be supported over the long haul with the regular release of seasons. In a recent announcement, the makers of DICE indicated that the first season of “Battlefield 2042” won’t be officially shown and published until next year. However, the first details of the displayed content have already been provided.

Looking forward to a new specialist

Of course, the corresponding battle pass should not be missing in the first season, which includes a set number of levels and provides you with the opportunity to unlock exclusive rewards such as cosmetic add-ons. There is also the first new Specialist as well as additional content for Portal Mode. Specific details of the first season of “Battlefield 2042” and other content on offer will follow in early 2022.

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By the way, it will not stop with the new seasons. Alternatively, the developers of DICE are also promising weekly changing challenges in which additional rewards, content, and time-limited game modes await every now and then. Battlefield 2042 will be released on November 19, 2021, and thus next weekend for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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If you have to purchase the Gold or Ultimate Edition of the multiplayer shooter, you can start tomorrow, Friday, November 12, 2021. The 10-hour free trial, which awaits all EA Access and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, also starts on the same day.

those: Battlefield (official site)

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