The border with Belarus: the majority of smugglers are from Germany
foreign countries border with Belarus

Most of the smugglers are from Germany

Thousands of migrants are still waiting for help

The situation at the Belarusian-Polish border is becoming increasingly catastrophic, and despondency among the emigrants is growing. They spend the nights freezing in makeshift camps. Meanwhile, Europe is struggling to find the right course of action.

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The situation is getting worse on the border between Poland and Belarus. Thousands of migrants are waiting there in the woods and pushed into the European Union. A confidential document from the European Commission shows how they came to Belarus and who the smugglers were involved in.

DrThe majority of arrested escape workers who help Belarus migrants enter the European Union through Poland live in Germany. This stems from an internal confidential document issued by the European Union Commission, which is owned by WELT.

Most of the reported cases relate to the arrest of drivers who enable illegal immigrants (mostly from Syria, but also from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Yemen) to reach Germany in rented cars via Poland. In most cases the drivers were nationals of third countries (Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian and Turkish) living in Germany.

Belarusians who were in possession of a Polish Schengen visa and Syrians living in the Netherlands were among the people smugglers arrested. According to the EU document, Germany and Finland are the main destinations for migrants who are currently at Poland’s external borders.

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Belarusian airline Belavia, in cooperation with Turkish Airlines, transports migrants from Istanbul to Minsk on four to seven flights per week, each of which has a capacity of 180 passengers. He went on to say, “The number of Iraqi and Syrian nationals traveling to Minsk via Dubai is increasing. Flydubai operates daily flights from Dubai to Minsk.” A Syrian airline is also active: “It appears that Cham Wings Airlines, which is an airline Syria, in particular, continues to operate chartered flights from Damascus to Minsk.

Russia could also soon play an important role for smugglers. According to the document, “a Russian airport near the border between Estonia and Latvia could be added to the smuggling routes used by illegal immigrants to enter the European Union. Pskov airport may be able to handle flights from Belarus, Turkey and Egypt.” From there, the migrants could then try to reach the Baltic states – and thus to European territory.

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