BerlinNext Thursday is Martin Day. Children of all ages traditionally line the streets with lights. Capital’s website, Berlin.D Lists the most beautiful moves. If you do not know what Martin’s parade it should be, you can find a list here.

Lighting parade on Museum Island

  • The parade begins at 5 pm with a short play on St. Martin’s Cathedral in Berlin. Then, before the procession through the fort at 5.45 pm with the horses and the wind, some songs are sung on its front steps. The final song will take place on the stairs of the Altes Museum. 3G terms apply.

Celebration of St. Martin at Friedrich-Ludwig-Jan-Sportpark

  • The first Martins parade begins at 4.30pm in Moritzhof on Schwedter Straße 90. The second parade, starting at 5.30pm, meets at Elias parish hall (Göhrener Straße 11). During the trip, all participants aged seven and over must wear a mask. Afterwards, participants can warm themselves up at the Martin Fire or eat Broadwurst and mulled wine. The 3G rule applies to Martinsfeuer.

Martinsfest im Decolor Forst

  • Reinickendorf’s Protestant community celebrates St. Martin’s Day under the motto “Participant wins”. Prayer at the Wild Church begins at 5 p.m. The next move is through the Porsche settlement. Back at the Forest Church, Martins fire is waiting for participants, as well as pretzels, mulled wine and a brass band. 3G terms also apply here.

Festival of St. Martin in Grozberg

  • The parade begins at 4 pm and continues from Christ Church to St. Johannes Basilica in Hassanhead. Then on the stairs is a small show on the history of St. Martin. Martinsprotsen is also available for the hungry.

Brits Garden Lighting Parade

  • The parade begins at 4.30pm at the Fair Grounds and continues around the lake to the sports and sunbathing lawn at Fritzer Garden. Then the warming Martin fire awaits. Participating children receive the gift of “awake men.”

Family Service and Lighting Parade at Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

  • The service starts at 4.30pm. Then the lamp parade begins at Breitscheidplatz. Under the guidance of the Church Music Director with an accordion, it sings through City West. The march ends with Martin’s fire at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Kindergarten in Lietzenburger Strasse.


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