Home Top News Storm in Bavaria: Heavy rain again in the affected area

Storm in Bavaria: Heavy rain again in the affected area

Storm in Bavaria: Heavy rain again in the affected area
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Storms occur on the Perchdeskadner land in Bavaria and Saxon Switzerland. Levels will rise and heavy rain has been reported again.

+++ 10:25 pm: In Bavaria, the storm situation seems to have calmed down a bit for now. The German Meteorological Agency (DWT) has forecast heavy rains from Saturday to Monday (19.07.2021) night in Berchteskadner. But on Monday, especially in the east of Bavaria, up to 25 liters of rain and heavy rain per square meter could recur in a short time.

Meanwhile, the level of tannins in Newburgh, Upper Bavaria, is also rising, according to Donagourier. Meanwhile, the report level has reached two and a level of 4.19 meters.

Storm in Bavaria: Heavy rain is expected in the affected area

+++ 4.40 pm:. The flood situation in the south and east of Bavaria is tense. According to the German Meteorological Agency (DWT), the affected areas are likely to receive heavy rainfall internally. Extreme flash flooding cannot be ruled out. According to the DWT, water levels in Pasha are expected to continue to rise, with maximum values ​​expected overnight.

Due to the flooding, the Berchdeskadner Land District declared a disaster.

© Gillian Fiber / DPA

+++ 4.15 pm:. During his visit to the flood-hit area of ​​Bavaria, Union Finance Minister Olaf Scholes (SPD) announced an emergency aid of more than 300 million euros for flood victims. Now the aid must be provided immediately, and it is a national task, ”said Scholes in Shonao, Coenx. Reconstruction is about billions. No municipality, no country can do it alone. Scholes warned that the economy must be handled in a climate-neutral way – here and around the world. Bavarian Prime Minister Marcus Soder (CSU) also announced aid. Over the past few days, Germany has experienced an incredible awakening call from nature, he said. “Climate is changing, it is having consequences. Extreme weather events are on the rise,” he said in a statement issued by the government on climate protection next week.

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Flooding on Perchdeskatner land: Soder and Scholes announce aid

+++ 3:28 pm: Many top politicians have come to the floodplain in southeastern Bavaria: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Marcus Soder, Interior Minister Joachim Hermann (both CSU) and Union Finance Minister Olaf Scholes (SPD) were initially told by a district administrator and spokesman about the current situation. Says, Operations Manager at Perchdeskaten. Then they wanted to get an idea about the situation of Shanav Aam Konixi. The Berchteskatner land district in particular has been badly affected by the floods since nightfall. Two were killed and more than 100 were forced to flee their homes and apartments.

The Perketskadner Land District has been declared a disaster by heavy rains due to flooding.

© Felix Harher / DBA

+++ 10.00 am:. About 130 people had to be evacuated from their homes due to flooding in the Perchdeskatner land. District Administrator Bernhard Kern said Sunday in Pat Richenhall that 80 of them were taken into consideration for “geographical issues” from an immigrant in Sch ஆம்nau am Conix. Kern did not say exactly what. It is unclear whether the solution should be closed for a longer period of time or whether the ban can be lifted again soon. Kern said train traffic between Pat Reichenhall and Perchdeskaten has been suspended. Roads are “very badly affected”.

Disaster at Perchdeskatner land – at least one person dies in the flood

+++ 8.00 am:. Heavy rain led to a torrential downpour in a valley in the Alco Alps near Oberstorp. In Stillach, Peter Vaughler, commander of the Oberstorf fire brigade, said Sunday night that water was dangerously damaged through a cross tree. If this natural barrier is suddenly loosened, there may be a tidal wave in the direction of Oberstorp.

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Disaster on the land of Berchteskadner – one dies in the flood

Update July 6, 2021, from 6:50 p.m. The catastrophic storm in Germany has spread to the upper Bavarian district of Berchteskadner. The disaster was announced there. So far, at least one person has been killed in floods caused by heavy rains. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in Saxony, Switzerland and Switzerland.

At the Berchdeskadner land, about 65 people were brought to safety from the flood, the district office said. Streets and cellars were flooded. In Marchellenberg, according to reports, the Shefa district was cut off from the outside world.

The level of Perteskatner Achin reached a height of 3.15 meters on Saturday evening (July 17, 2021). Authorities feared the situation could worsen.

Saxon was also hit by severe flooding in several places, including Switzerland. The administration of the Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Mine Mountains District warned of a “significant danger situation” in Newstod, Sebnitz, Pat Schandau, Reinhardstorf, Shana and Kohrich. Private districts are no longer accessible.

The storm disaster has now reached Bavaria as well.

© Gillian Fiber / DPA

Disaster declared in upper Bavaria – rising levels due to storms

Berchteskaten – After the catastrophic floods in northern Rhine-Westphalia and the Rhineland-Palatinate, the situation in Bavaria is deteriorating. A catastrophe has now been declared in Upper Bavaria. Passauische Neue Presse In short, Perchdescadener Ace threatens to overflow its banks. Residents have been advised not to move to coastal areas, according to a district office report.

In addition, cellars should be avoided. A police spokesman in Upper Bavaria told the newspaper: “This is above all else.” The foundations will be filled and the streets will be flooded. At this time, the activities will focus on Berchteskaten and Bischoffsweiss in Upper Bavaria.

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Storm: Perchdeskaten and Biscoffsweiss report dangerous water levels

In the municipalities of Berchteskaten and Bischofsvizen in southeastern Bavaria, the water level of the Aceh River rose sharply as more water flowed from the mountains into the valleys. According to the German Press Agency (DPA), private homes have already been demolished. It also states that the district will implement the on-site function immediately.

A police spokesman in Rosenheim spoke of “standard emergency calls.” All firefighters in the Perchdeskatner land district are needed. “The situation is chaotic,” a spokesman said. “It’s raining heavily.” Federal roads have been flooded or blocked due to landslides. (Dpa with Sofia Lothar and Mirko Schmidt)

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