Home Top News One Two: Sport 1 lets the cat out of the bag – it’s out

One Two: Sport 1 lets the cat out of the bag – it’s out

One Two: Sport 1 lets the cat out of the bag – it’s out

One Two: Sport 1 allows the cat to get out of the bag – HE stops

Much of Sport1's double pass is leaving the show.

Much of Sport1’s double pass is leaving the show.

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Personal Hammer Chat One-two in Sport1! The popular discussion board is losing an expert.

Marcel Reeve will not be an expert on the committee in the future. It was announced in the live broadcast.

Sport1 (one – two): Reif has ceased to be an expert

Thomas Helmer said goodbye to the former commentator and expert with a brief thanks: “I’ll be short: it was a pleasure.” Reeve also emphasized that it was an honor to have him as an expert.

Reeve started as an expert on the traditional panel discussion in the summer of 2016. In the years since, fans have appreciated him for his honest style and honest critique. Others regularly criticized the 71-year-old. For example, when he started a discussion about racism in One to Two with a statement (here’s the background >>).


The most important news from sports:


It is not yet known where Marcel Reeve will continue his career. In addition to his work as an expert on “Sport 1”, he continues to analyze the best European football and the first division for the newspaper “Bild”.

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The crowd’s reaction to the sudden farewell was mixed. Many have admitted that Reif has given him a better profile as an expert than before as a commentator. The others were only happy that he was clearing his place in the worship show.


Twitter reactions to Reeve’s farewell in Duba:

  • “Even if, of course, I wasn’t always of the same opinion as Marcel Reeve… I would have preferred to say goodbye to Basler today.”
  • “A loss for show. will leave a gap. (BlutigerDegen)
  • “And if Effenberg and Basler stop now, you can watch the double pass again” (ClemensKl)
  • “As a commentator, I didn’t like Marcel Reeve, but as a dopa, I usually find him very good. It’s a shame he’s stopping now.” (Mr_Mayhem_SoA)


But Reif fans can rest assured: Sport1 has already confirmed that Reif will remain with the panel as a guest. How often he then appears in the show is still unclear.

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