League of Legends: Three more champions this year

Riot Games wants to keep MOBA League of Legends players in line in 2022, and it announced several new champions at the start of the final season.

As is well known, Zeri will soon be a new ADC with electric focus in MOBA permanent hit, which is supposed to make the robot’s path unsafe in the future. Moreover, Riot Games has much more plans.

In a live broadcast marking the start of the new season, the developer hinted at three more heroes for the new year 2022 in addition to Zeri. The first protagonist is supposed to be a supporting character with charming style, which this time gets a much darker and threatening environment than you might be accustomed to from other characters of this genre. It’s meant to be a leader character running in the background in the movement around MOBA.

The upcoming champ will be more traditional, according to lead producer Ryan Meirelles. Evidence suggests that it is Runeterra’s Void that will then wreak havoc in the jungle of League of Legends. Here, too, the official offer remains unknown at the moment.

According to Mireles, the third, unannounced character is said to be “new, very mysterious and not very traditional” in the robotics track. Until we find out more about all three, you can watch the hero trailer for Ziri getting close again.

League of Legends – Zeri, the Spark of Zaun champion trailer

Following the latest leak, a new trailer for League of Legends now shows the next new champion Zeri, The Spark of Zaun.

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